FANUC FOCAS1/2 Library

CNC/PMC Data window library

  1. Outline
  2. General Description
  3. Communication with Ethernet Board
  4. NC data protection (16i/18i/21i/0i-B/0i-C/Power Mate i only)
  5. Unsolicited Messaging Function
  6. Library handle
  7. Coexistence with HSSB/Ethernet
  8. Communication Log Function
  9. Return Status of Data Window Functions
  10. Function Reference
  11. Update History

This manual describes the information necessary for developing the application software of the following FANUC CNC, incorporating FOCAS1/2 CNC/PMC Data window library.

Use this manual together with the operator's manual of the following CNC.

    Connection type

    Applicable CNCs
    Product name Abbreviation
    FANUC Series 0i-MODEL A 0i-A Series 0i-A
    FANUC Series 0i-MODEL B
    FANUC Series 0i-MODEL C Note1)
    0i-B/C Note1) Series 0i-B
    Series 0i-C Note1)
    FANUC Series 0i-MODEL D
    FANUC Series 0i Mate-MODEL D
    0i-D Series 0i-D
    FANUC Series 0i-MODEL F
    FANUC Series 0i Mate-MODEL F
    0i-F Series 0i-F
    FANUC Series 0i-PD 0i-PD Series 0i-PD
    FANUC Series 0i-PF 0i-PF Series 0i-PF
    FANUC Series 15/150-MODEL B 15 Series 15
    FANUC Series 15i/150i-MODEL A
    FANUC Series 15i/150i-MODEL B
    15i Series 15i
    FANUC Series 16/160-MODEL B
    FANUC Series 16/160-MODEL C
    FANUC Series 18/180-MODEL B
    FANUC Series 18/180-MODEL C
    FANUC Series 21/210-MODEL B
    Series 16/(18/21)
    FANUC Series 16i/160i-MODEL A
    FANUC Series 18i/180i-MODEL A
    FANUC Series 21i/210i-MODEL A
    Series 16i/(18i/21i)-A
    FANUC Series 16i/160i-MODEL B
    FANUC Series 18i/180i-MODEL B
    FANUC Series 21i/210i-MODEL B
    Series 16i/(18i/21i)-B
    FANUC Series 16i/160i-P
    FANUC Series 18i/180i-P
    Series 16i/(18i)-P
    FANUC Series 16i/160i-L 16i-L Series 16i-L
    FANUC Series 16i/160i-W
    FANUC Series 18i/180i-W
    Series 16i-W/(18i-W)
    FANUC Series 30i-MODEL A
    FANUC Series 31i-MODEL A
    FANUC Series 32i-MODEL A
    Series 30i/(31i/32i)-A
    FANUC Series 30i-MODEL B
    FANUC Series 31i-MODEL B
    FANUC Series 32i-MODEL B
    FANUC Series 35i-MODEL B
    Series 30i/(31i/32i/35i)-B
    FANUC Series 30i-P MODEL B
    FANUC Series 31i-P MODEL B
    Series 30i/(31i)-P
    FANUC Series 30i-L MODEL B
    FANUC Series 31i-L MODEL B
    Series 30i/(31i)-L
    FANUC Series 31i-W MODEL A 31i-WA Series 31i-WA
    FANUC Series 31i-W MODEL B 31i-WB Series 31i-WB
    FANUC Power Mate i-MODEL H PMi-H Power Mate i-H
    FANUC Power Mate i-MODEL D PMi-D Power Mate i-D
    FANUC Power Motion i-MODEL A PMi-A Power Motion i-A
Note1) FANUC Series 0i-MODEL C does not support the HSSB function. Only the Fast Ethernet function is effective.


There is a limitation of the functions which can be used for the development, by the difference of the CNC Series, Model, Type and series and version of control software.
This "Available CNC" table is made in accordance with the latest version of 15i, 16i, 18i, 21i, 0i , 30i, 31i, 32i, 35i, Power Mate i and Power Motion i. Moreover, some functions need the proper function at the control software of the CNC even if the CNC is the latest version. So, the functions which cannot be used for the CNC which is owned by the customer for the purpose of the application development may exist.
Therefore, please confirm the availability of the function at the target control software of the CNC, then go ahead the development of the application.
Especially, please confirm the compatibility for the development of the application for the old model CNC, and availability for the newly added functions.

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